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Olga - I was at the rally and you were one of the top speakers in my book. It was very obvious to me that you you can speak on the fly, from the heart, w/o a teleprompter and that you knew the issues.

I see you as a positive & uniting influence. Maybe you should consider a run on the Local level. Have you considered it?

No problem here with anyone asking questions. My assessment of RO Walsh's experience on the Industry as a whole is spot on. That however, does not mean I think what he is trying to do is all bad, but it must be tempered somewhat as McCarron has been at the game far longer, as have the Contractor Associations and collectively they are on the fast-track to force the BTEA plan down members throats.

The condition precedent for him to gain the kind of domineering control he is after is in forcing the bylaw changes upon you, which comport with caselaw he has in his back pocket. That is where the Local's lose their autonomy and power base to challenge the status-quo.

With McCarron and his ilk, its my way or the highway. The awakening of the masses, the rank & file has to be more than a one-sided proposition. To date, BTEA & the UBC have proffered nothing more than the chicken little, sky is falling mantra - and there is a method to their madness, particularlry if they can take advantage of the RO & sell him on their one-sided plan.

I have stated this time & again - so here goes the UBC Constitution along side the NLRA and the existing Council Bylaws and once you note ready conflicts which go against public policy and the many varying laws, landmark cases etc. you shall readily discern where both the existing UBC documents run afoul of those laws as well as the ones now being proposed.

Court cases at the NLRB level, District  & Superior Courts, the Appellate level and through to the United States Supreme Court all rely upon and consider them as a whole, in part(s) and with deference to prior precedent. This is where the game is. Know that and you will go far as no one will be able to bamboozle you with half truths or outright lies. Our International excels at it and they exploit every weakness they can with our money, all of our money. Without the Locals, the 38 Regional Councils and the UBC International cease to exist.

Past recent behavior on Doug & Frank Spencer's part should give you great insight as to why you cannot believe a word they say, a claim they make or positions which they now are accelerating through Judge Berman.

I will guarantee you this much, when they raided the 33-Locals in Empire & Jersey & brought along a locksmith, he or she was not a union person. McCarron does nothing in the open and cannot for second be trusted, because it simply is not in him to do so.

With regard to the General Convention, do the exercise on the UBC doc's, NLRA & case-law (it's a long tedious process) and compare to the "at will employment contracts" with District Council Employees & Business Agents and it will explain their behavior at the convention....they don't to wthe line & spew the International rhetoric and propaganda - they're gone. Once the get in & see the fat checks 52 weeks a year & the 2 for 1 pension credits, none of them can say no, noen of them will say.