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— by Ted Ted
Olga - First, great job speaking at the Rally. Second - this is not an attack on woman by any stretch and I hope you would not take it in that manner...third, I am glad to see younger people getting involved and willing to put the time in to research things and educate themselves in a positive & proactive manner.

Per your statement here:

Improving our union should take place the second the contracts are signed in order to improve our position for the next collective bargaining season.

The second the contracts are signed....that is too late. The Contractor Associations & the UBC are required to bargain in good faith and to impasse, not merely feign compliance and issue a contract as a fait accompli, a done deal without one bit of negotiation.

Given the overall state of the UBC, with no vote, mobility, merger & affilaition, consolidations, accretion issues and the fact that Doug McCarron, via illegal means, fraud and bad faith has all but destroyed the UBC - it is quite apparent that the so called Contract Negotiations are being conducted in bad faith, with the UBC & the Contractor Associations occupying the same side of the table at the alleged contract negotiations. Per NLRB Board precedent & Appellate & Supreme Court D & O's this is illegal.

Local autonomy has been illegally removed from the UBC Locals and we have no voice at the table because McCarron & the 38 surviving EST's rule by dictatorial regimes and autocratic fiat in utter disregard for the rule of law, the NLRA & countless state & federal laws. This fact does not even remotely or lightly touch upon the fraud upon the Pension, Annuity & Health & Welfare Funds and the countless other funds we are nickeled & dimed for and the criminal & chargeable RICO items therein.

As for opening up the books, whether for A/E Firms, CM's GC's etc - forget about it, that will never happen, lest jobs requiring payroll certification, or where a GC is a publicly traded firm and has to comply with SEC requirements. Even then you will never see the ultimate/final numbers as that material is trademarked and protected as confidential material. That is not where the fight lay.

Take the above items which McCarron has used to destroy member rights, mix that up with the current battle over Company Men vs. Hall men (brothers & sisters) and Doug will use this tool of divide & conquer to squelch any fight from the men, while they fight with each other. So far he has been fairly successful utilizing said strategy.

The NYCDCC is the remaining remnant, the last vestige of limited Democracy left within the UBC and this fact is only due to the Consent Decree. Make no mistake about it, McCarron is a thief, a mobster in a well tailored suit. He uses members monies to hire attorneys to end run the law in all 50-state at the District Court level through to the Appellate Courts. He finds the weakest court and targets a specific area of the country & continually shifts where he files suit. This includes the Appellate Court system as well....another words, he shops around for who he can target, bribe, payoff & push his agenda.

There is no bargaining or rationalizing with a Dictator - he will have no part of it. His arrogance & disdain for the working man or woman is readily evident in all of his policies.

The current practices of the UBC International and the Regional Councils is one of endless propaganda and brainwashing - period. The fact is, McCarron and his partners in crime need to go, to be ousted, to be removed from Office. They need to be brought up on criminal RICO charges for the massive fraud which has gone on now, unabated for 16+ years. He belnigs in the pokey, not Club Fed.

Twenty five years ago we had a membership base of 1.3M and today, we have a base of 473k per the latest filings with the DOL. Doug & his predecessor Sig Lucassen (another thief) are largely responsible for the overall decline, the rest being attributable to UBC Worker productivity and the means & methods for production, both in the shop & in the field.

With all due respect to RO Walsh, he is not a Construction Industry expert by any stretch of the imagination, and his holding of a workshop is nothing more than a vehicle for the UBC, BTEA & the Contractor Associations to intorduce their material which will be used to brainwash uneducated union brothers & sisters that they are the problem.

You are still quite young and relatively inexperineced in these matters. Your efforts are respected and commendable, but also warrant more time, seasoning & experience before you comment on areas and subjects where you have no experience. When you investigate things more and have more time and experience under your belt, you will then learn to ask the right questions and will not fear these so called authorities.

The current UBC operates as a one way street, a one way ticket....either you stand with them & support the propaganda machine or you don't. If you do, you may rise to some position of leadership, because they want yes man & yes woman. They do not lightly take to any form or manner of criticism, lest you be branded as a dissedent, a deranged commie & loner, branded a traitor and are soon brought up on charges.

There is enough factual evidence from the entire country regarding UBC practices and accordingly, the decision is an easy one....Doug McCarron and his entire Executive Board must go, the Right to Vote in Union Election via direct secret ballot elections must be restored nationally, mobility needs to go and the forced mergers, affiliation directives, consolidations and raping of entire Council assets (property, funds etc) must stop as does the trade raiding.

Should you align yourself with the criminal element & push their propaganda, you will lose any credibilty you have earned to date - your choice and some friendly advice. You have plenty of people here with hundreds of years of experience in the field as well as in management at all levels, so tap that knowledge base and be willing to listen to solid advice. When you do so, not only will you learn and be able to apply those lessons, you will earn the respect & trust of the rank & file....two key elements before running for any office at any level.

Point - when the kool-aid is being dispensed, take it with a grain of salt...know who the source is and exactly what it is they represent and whom they speak for. Given the advent of the Internet today and the amount of info out there....any one with a reasonable level of computer basics can produce material with others so called work product, claiming it is so, because we wrote it and we published it, so it must be so.

There are so many hacks in the business world who make their living off the backs of others, without producing a thing relevant to the real world, that it is sickening. Julia, this so called author did nothing more than her daily "job justification" minimum requirement by posting an article fraught with dribble which she cannot support or back up with hard numbers or facts.

Bottom line on her article...nothing more than a propaganda puff piece. The same people willing to sell you out & reduce your wage & benefits 25% would not do the same thing to themselves now would they? Union Tradesman & woman earn higher hourly wage rates due to the transitory & seasonal industry we work in. While the public may be led to believe that all Union people work 2000 - 2500 hours a year, the fact is we do not.

Here is a homework assignment for you OLGA:

Go tot the District Council and file a verbal or better yet a written request to the Executive Board and the Fund Attorneys and ask them for a breakdown of the Total Membership Body and the mean and average man-hours worked per man or woman. As for a Counci wide breakdown and then a Local by Local breakdown of the "real numbers".

Also, request a demographic breakdown by race, ethnicity, sex, age bracket in 5-year Intervals and include a column for vesting credits. No names or Socials or U-Numbers or any personal data required - simply hard numbers, audited number.

MAKE THE REQUEST AND SEE HOW COOPERATIVE THEY ARE. These are the kind of things you need to know before entering a Contract Negotiation. I guarantee you this, your request wil be denied, with a string of qualifications attached thereto. Should you get the data, all of it, I will eat my hat & vote for you as the EST and say I am not worthy, Olga Rules.

You will learn a lot from this simple exercise. Remember, one request to the NYCDCC & one to each Fund Attorney. Let me know how it goes or post on the blog.