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No Joel, you miss the point. Not one of the LI or Upstate pols would vote yes on commuter tax, especially in this down economy. Thats a fact. Something that might be good for NYC decided by people who don't live here. And to Jersey Guy, no not at all a leach, but how can you not see the logic behind my proposal? And such a move to a Jersey local where you live would not affect pension or annuity at all. Those are yours and NOONE can take them, nor does anyone propose taking them. You work hard and deserve what is in your package. Joining the local where you live and working in your home state are not preposterous desires. Tell me brother jersey, are you in favor of Indiana carpenters working here before NYC carpenters? Of course you're not. So why is the idea of NYC residents working first such a stretch for you? Because Jersey happens to be closer?