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Because as I have said before there are many more State legislators from outside NYc than from NYC and for some odd reason I just can't fathom ( and I have a pretty fucking active imagination) things that directly affect NYC arent decided by NYC pols but by the state legislature. Now theres a big thing that makes you go HUH! I am not against you, I am for me and mine, with you as a secondary consideration. Isn't that exactly the way people from places outside of NYC have always thought about and acted towards NY'ers? Go into the city and take a job from a NYC resident. Nice. But I'm selfish to ask you to work where you live? How does this not make sense Levi? Yet you aren't as big an issue, being at leats in NYS, as the pieces of crap who come in from Jersey and Conn and PA. Join the local at least in your own state. What is the problem, it may harm you personally in the form of a worse package than NYC offers? Yet I'm the selfish one! Come fucking on! Anyone who thinks its OK to take jobs from the members who actually live in a jurisdiction isn't a fucking UNION man. Plain and simple. Give me whats mine and I'll give you whats yours. How is that not fair? Non residents get work after residents in a jurisdiction. What does Dennis think?