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— by Rev Al Rev Al
LI has no case because they dont pay LOCAL tax. The guys from  NJ & PA will quickly argue that LI isnt paying LOCAL tax & Rev Al would agree with NJ & PA. I am a patriot who is defending 5 borough turf & am mostly applauded by 5 borough taxpayers. This issue of full mobility will be ruled on in the courts & the NYCDCC will have to live with the decision. Carpenters are allready coming from out west & want to hold a NYCDCC card. How are they different from members from NJ,LI & PA ? Are you for or against full mobility ? You are able to change your mind on this issue but I assure you 5 borough LOCAL taxpayers are not going to change their mind. We are fed up & dont care which non-paying shithole your from. OUT OF TOWNERS GO HOME !