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C'mon Levi, read all the posts. Like I've consistently said this needs to happen over time, and I dont understand how the NYDCC controls Nassau. Either make LI part of our DC or make it all the new council made from jersey and empire. But like I said the accounting problems associated with this are beyond me. Jersey, you guys are the ones in trouble and if anyone tries to combine mine with yours and the empire I'll throw a fucking conniption and RUN to a fed judge for an injuction pending discovery and to the people who administer ERISA. Why is the mere suggestion that we all work in the states in which we live such a problem? Because you people think you're entitled to gain the benefits of NYC without also being part of what happens here. No society has ever allowed people with no real interest in it to decide what happens to it. Why do you think NYC has to even care what you think? (the municipality NYC) The simple fact is  this subject, changed since Pete began it, has garnered more interrst than any other post here ever. What does that tell you? If a guy from Indiana should belong to an Indiana local and work there, why is it OK for a Jersey guy to not belong to a Jersey local? Just by virtue of Jersey and LI being closer to NYC? HHUUUUHHHHH???? Hows that cake that you're saving/eating guys? LI has a case. Jersey ,PA and CONN have nothing to say. You're either for mobility or against it. I ask again, where are all our pseudo leaders on this isuue which your brothers and sisters obviously care very much about?  They're ALL politicians thats why they take no stand. As always its up to the rank and file to discuss and hash out. Happiness and peace to all.