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— by RichardDorrough RichardDorrough
I was advised yesterday that if a local union president is absent at a meeting, Section 32 vests the full authority of the local union president in the president pro tem selected at said meeting and that if such president pro tem fills a vacancy such as local union vice president at said meeting, the appointee is to be regarded as the vice president until such time as an election must be held. As currently applicable to Local Union 157, Gerard Gausman is thus the vice-president of the Local until an elected vice-president is installed.

And as such now that Derrico is officially out Gausman is President Pro tem of 157 under Section 34.

Now thanks to you people who ran "this for the meeting scam" you have got the UBC to issue an official ruling to satisfy their agenda which screws the rest of us. Before you started this shit we had a means for the membership to elect Pro tem Presidents if both VP and Pres is vacated. Now you have allowed the UBC to corrupt the intent of 32b just so you two clowns can say your were right.Hope your happy.I am holding up my hand with the finger between my index and ring finger extended. I salute you jackoffs.
      At least despite all your efforts to screw the members of 157 and leave them with no officers to run 157 you have Gausman to sign checks and facilitate the daily operation of 157 making it less of a takeover target for Mccarron.
 What happened at the 157 meeting was a ridiculous joke and laughable it it was not so tragic. All those involved including Nee,Biello and the rest should be brought up on charges.