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That argument fails. Remember, the politicians & the UBC Politicans & Contractor Associations have already made huge concessions on the PLA's.

The real culprit here, when discussing the wage gap between legitimate Union Firms & the Non-Union firms is two-fold: 

A) The NYCDCC allowing alter-ego or double breasted Union Firms to operate in your Jurisdiction, with no corrective action to shut them down (strike-pickets, pull contracts etc) and;
B) The Non-Union sector using Union workers and the UBC & NYCDCC and BTEA signatories failing to take corrective action by removing, fining & expelling it's members who cross the line & go scab.

Past that lies the 1099 issue with the Cash Workers & the Illegal Aliens working on projects citywide that should be going to residents & union members of the Locals. The NYCDCC needs to work & move with the government to conduct raids on these projects, arrest company owners and to get serious with the jail time and length of sentences for those Owners exploiting the system, failing to pay workers comp, unemployment insurance, business tax & licensing, liability/builders risk etc. If you do not deport the illegals rounded up - what happens then? Simple, they show up on another such job the very next day.

The UBC political machine spews a lot of bullshit, propaganda and rhetoric designed primarily to convince you that they are hard at work protecting your rights & interests. Whether at the local level or at the Council level, it amounts to a jobs justification program for themselves, that is what they are selling at the monthly meetings & through the Carpenter Magazine etc - propaganda.

Once they have you Board that Train Ride (i.e. brainwashed you), they just hope & pray they can get to the next Union Election cycle and/or the next Political Campaign Election cycle for Mayor, Governor, Congress, Senate & Presdential Elections as that affords them with planty of material to distract you, pump up the troops with the rah-rah b.s., the door knocking, sign building, standouts for the Politicans like Bloomberg who come running to us for "endorsements". As soon as they get back in Office, they forget us & it is back to business as usual - and the cycle repeats itself.

We need legislation, coordinated stings, arrests, hard jail time & expulsion from our own ranks of the traitors who work for rats.

In a perfect world, the UBC Organizes all Non-Union carpenters (they sell this Propaganda regularly)....will that increase your yearly man-hours or decrease them? Think of it....normal NYC Construction market is $25-$30 billion per year. We're in a down economy now, say it is $16B per year....every project has "X" number of man-hours for UBC work in the varying divisions of labor...correct?

Ok, so we have 25k UBC members now, competing for 16-million man-hours of work.....on Union & Non-Union jobs.

Tonight, every non-union Construction Company Owner gets Struck by Lightning & they run to the Council & become signatory UBC & NYCDCC firms. They convert every Non-Union project in the city to Union Jobs, but they too bring 25k workers to the Table.

Now you have 50k Carpenters competing for the same 16-million man-hours of work.
Under the current structure of 67% Company & 33% Hall.....will you then receive more or less man-hours than you do today? Think about it!

This is why the UBC's never-ending ORGANIZING Campaign fails the test - it's bullshit and evinces nothing more than "Job Justification" for overpaid Council Hacks.

Our productivity, on time performance, quality & safety remain high. The Cost of Living remains high, both in the city & in the suburbs. Should you accept a 25% wage & benfit reduction under the false premise that it will produce one more man-hour of work, you are sadly mistaken - it won't!

What it will do is shift the numbers from the labor column to the profit column of the Corporations & the BTEA exacting the changes. It will then take you 10-15 years to recoup what you just handed to them & gave away. Meanwhile, back at the Local Grocery Store & Gas Station, at your mortgage company or your landlord - cost will continue to rise...Do you see any of the people or firms for which you have bills to pay offering you a 25% reduction on the payments due? Hell No.

If BTEA & the UBC enact and pass these Unilateral Contract Changes w/o any bargaining whatsoever - well, then it's time to shut em down & have a wildcat strike..every job in the city till they go back to the bargaining table.

What we need now is an extension of the current CBA for one-year under the current terms w/o rules changes or w/o wage & benefit cuts. If necessary, we extend it again. That gives us 1-2 years to get through the elections at the District Council, the Presidential cycle and get our own house in order (clean house, get rid of the dummies & the crooks) and bring in competent people from within the rank & file and outside of it.

The District Council is a business, albeit a Non-Profit one for tax purposes. We need to re-structure it, provide one man-one vote elections for all issues including the Negotiation of all Collective Bargaining Agreements - directly by the rank & file (up or down). We do not need a system of paid council delegates, paid council employees and hacks beholden to a Dictatorial EST for their jobs controlling your destiny or future or mine or anyone elses.

Once you have restored the NYCDCC back to the democratic core of the NLRA, once you restructure the rules and simplify them and restore order and accountability which the brothers & sisters control and have a mix of competent rank & file and businessmen from the Construction Industry whose wages & benefits & perks are tied to Job Performance and efficient operations, restoration of the fund - then you may have a shot at preserving this once great Union.

McCarron is selling your ass down the river - bigtime. So if we fail to get our act together, the UBC is all but done. That will leave us with one option - a Decertification Election (a right that should be set in Stone within Council Bylaws & Local Bylaws) to rid ourselves of his corruption.

The Benefit Funds are property, much the same as the physcial facilites and buildings and vehicles are property. You own said property. The UBC International does not. It is time to take it back. Without your dues, assessment(s) and the per-capita tax....all the monies exacted from your paycheck - the UBC International cease to exist.

That they hand out a "piece of paper entitled a CHARTER" for a Local, one with which you could wipe your ass with - does not negate your rights to the property, the physical facilities or the benefit funds and the monies in those accounts - yet that is exactly how Doug McCarron has re-structered the Union.....all property rights revert back to the King.

So the King comes in & cuts a bullshit deal to consolidate his Dictatorial Kingly Powers some more in collusion with the BTEA pencil pushers & desk jockeys and you wanna say, thank you Sir - can we have another?

We need Men who will stand up & fight to run for office, those who comprehend the larger picture.