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— by Desi Bravo Desi Bravo
As I always respect opinions from other carpenters and the viability of issues that need to be addressed is being worked on by the New District Council that dissolved local union 608.

Every carpenter has a voice in this forum and in meetings but carpenters like always are afraid to induce real issues. Carpenters argue pointless issues, meaning without merit and substance.

The real issue here is the out-of-work list which the majority of the carpenters rely to get work. When shaping a job the contractors will ensure you don't get work with them or render a sob story about how they have to match the 50/50 rule. So we all try to get work with the union or on our own to no avail.

If carpenters work continuously with a company there should be no problem, everyone is working and the way it should be. I have known carpenters do great work but still get laid-off. Apprentices worked with contractors for 4 years straight and know the job thoroughly and when they become journeyman they all get laid-off and have to rely on the out-of-work list which is not fair game.

Over 6000+ carpenters riding the out-of-work list is a crying shame. I believe it is time to start rattling the cage and get the District Council do something about getting work for our brothers and sisters.