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A leisurely read indeed! NERCC & EMPIRE benefit funds own First Trade Union Savings Bank (former name).....recently changed corporate format to a "Holding Corporation", or is it a money laundering operation? H'mmm? One must wonder with all the fun going on with Doug, Spencer & Judge Conboy and the recent and ill conceived forced merger of Empire & the Jersey Councils to NRCC? Now, why would they do that?

Did the UBC properly apply for & receive approval from the Office of Thrift Supervision to co-mingle Benefit Funds & Bank proceeds into a Tri-State deal? Is there mail & wire fraud going on here? Is the US Attorney Torrance aware of these practices? Did the Bank Officers, President & Trustees take a recorded vote on the proposed measures? If so, where are the minutes? Where is the requisite paperwork? When was it filed? When was it approved by the appropriate Government Agencies?

Did First Trade Union Bank Holding Corporation, which is 100% fully owned by Empire State & New England Regional Council of Carpenters....did their Executive Board (fiduciaries) members take a vote, record meeting minutes of same & approve the Tri-State merger while under the Federally imposed & Court ordered Supervision? If so, where are the Meeting Minutes with the signatures of the Trustees, Officers & OTS Regulators approving such a deal.

The Benefit Funds own the Bank. The application for a Holding Compnay never should have been approved under ERISA/EBSA & Federal & State Banking Regulations - particularly given the storied past & the still being written script for the UBC Internationals criminal RICO actions - ongoing under everyones noses....both in and around New York.

How much longer must the members wait before real corrective actions take place, before the Government & the Attorneys get serious and take these Racketeers down for good?

RO Walsh - are you aware that ERISA requires archiving all records for a min of 6-years and the the EMPIRE & NERCC Benefit Funds have combined losses exceeding a billion dollars; and, that Doug McCarron & the UBC International Executive Board is busy running around dissolving Locals so they can gain access to the fund records & shred them?

Are you aware that in strict defiance to known law to preserve & hold records for 6-years that the ESRCC & NERCC Funds, while submitting their Fund Improvement Plans have refused to furnish, provide or disclose any transaction for the years 2007 & 2008 when the monies disappeared due to being placed in investment vehicles/schemes contrary to the mandates within ERISA regulations....?

These are not randon Market Losses nor are they all attributable to Market Forces and/or other spin & lies coming from the Funds Attorneys. No, these issues with regard to forced merger & affilaition directives from the UBC Int'l. are but for one purpose - destroy & shred evidence and obtain the free "get out of jail card" for the guilty parties.

This is to provide context and insight - NYCDCC remains the last bastion for feigned compliance to anything mimicking compliance with the laws, if only for the Consent Decree. Accordingly, you need to stay on....plan on it!

Time for a proper Motion to the Court & Judge Berman to double up on your staff/budget and monthly billings & the investigators on staff competent to conduct such investigations. The same holds on the Governments end with US Attorney Torrance. The rank & file don't have the deep pockets and resources of the government. And as you are well aware, the UBC is using the members monies and the International is using the members monies to FUND all of the LAWSUITS which Douglas McCarron is using to systematically destroy this Union to his benefit & that of the Corporations he serves - against the Rank & Files interest and trust and In contravention to the NLRA and every law ever enacted to protect the working man or woman.

McCarron's Nationwide assault on Labor, on the Carpenters Union began in earnest before he even assumed the office of General President and has transcended every DOL and NLRB Office in the land, every Circuit Court as well. McCarron is a Mobster in a very well tailored suit - don't kid yourself, or us.