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— by Ted Ted
Everything a Journeyman does, less the 40% kickback in wages & benefits (seriously).

This is all but a slight of hand by the UBC & Contractor Association, part of the UBC Corporate-CEO Master Plan for re-distribution of your wages & benefits and conversion of same to the Profit Column.

McCarron & his biitches - "WINNING"

Take any Project you've ever been on, less those with inept Foreman, Supers, Architects & Engineers etc.....the ones underbid out of the Gate & awarded to inexperienced or unqualified GC's & Sub's.......rid those from your mind.

For those properly designed, estimated/bid & awarded to competent firms (both sides of the fence), the fact is the man-hours are the same (less unforseen conditions, addendum, Bulletin & Change Order Work.

In the end, the man-hours do not increase - they stay the same within normal parameters. In the end what has changed........your Net Take Home Pay & the Contributions in your Name to the Benefit Funds. Same holds for all other Unionized Trades in the BTEA.

CUFTA, NAFTA & CAFTA wreaked havoc on the manufacturing & industrial base of firms doing business in the USA with American workers. 60% + of materials comes on from the nations benefitting from our Politicans (both parties) selling the American worker down the river, to third world former hellholes. Owners, Developers & GC's have pushed this end hard in the past 20-years, so now they turn to Labor.

Our Productivity has consistently gone up. To increase their margins, they turn to those perceived to be the weakest. Will the International Rep's & the 38-Council EST's & the BA'S & Organizers take the same hit they propose for the Rank & File?

Not on your life. In fact, their wages shall continue to climb unabated - after they execute the BTEA & UBC Master Plan to screw you & yours & the guy next to you etc.

Ever been out on a job with a group of Inspectors on a large Public Works Project, with the CM's & their crack Inspection Teams....doing the Dog & Pony show on a full size Mock-up of a Fire Rated Wall (a system)? If so, you probably have seen those same clowns insisting on having the screw counting session for each sheet of drywall....where the genuis'es then pull out their 'tapes" to measure the S.P.O.C. of the screws....if so, then you know exactly the type individuals proposing this crap.