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Hey Joel, get current figures. That was SIX years ago and that story was flawed as it didn't use the whole NYC school budget including all the bureacracy but only money that went directly to students in NYC whereas they used total figures for upstate school districts. They didn't count ANY of the money used to renovate old schools in NYC or to build new ones. I know the school you went to in the bronx wasn't new so you can understand that I know.Even Pataki recognized this when asked. You can't figure a cost per anything if you're not including the entire budget Joel. Now find the average commute time for LI residents and the average for NYC residents as opposed to what they each spend to get to work and distance travelled.  And then check the MTA budget and see where the money for LIRR and Metro North come from. I'll look for the discovery piece. It kills me that both sides (dem, rep) have used the so called stimulus for propaganda when that money has barely been tapped. Create jobs Obama said.  Rebuild our country he said. Then he licked the balls of the republican party and agreed to only allocate monet to jobs that were ready to go. Thats an impossibility as anytime you build a bridge, or a dam, or even a road the municipality has to do enviromental impact studies which sometime cost hundreds of thousands if not millions and take time. No responsible community had these studies done as they knew they didn't have the money to build, so why waste on speculation and hoping for miracle money to appear? Obama used phony stimulus tp scam all of us and pretend he is for the worker. I worked for and voted for the guy so I'm pissed. He is just like the rest, for big oil and big money.  How much spent in Iraq? How much MISSING in Iraq? We sent pallets of cash to the Iraquis? Why not a skid or two to my apt.? At least I would have spent it here in NYC.