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— by Joel Cook Joel Cook

"New York State spent $14,119 per student — more than any other state in the nation — in the 2005 fiscal year, according to a national analysis of public school spending that the Census Bureau released today.

To be sure, within states, there are often great disparities between individual school districts. The Census analysis found that in New York City, the largest school district in the country, per-pupil spending was $13,755 — about 2.6 percent less than the state average. Inequities in school financing are at the heart of the lawsuit brought by the Campaign for Fiscal Equity against New York State."

2.6% is hardly close to 50%....

There is currently a show on the Discovery Channel where this engineer goes around the country inspecting America's infrastructure and finds all manner of failing structures.  I have not been able to turn it on because its heartbreaking to see all that work that MUST be done and we still have 10% unemployment and spend billions destroying and rebuilding other countries!