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I dig it Joel. 4 months desn't pay the bills or feed the progeny. Actually I like that you speak up, its good for all of us to talk. But I must point out again the huge disparity in monies paid to NYS by NYC residents as compared to upstate NY. Do you know that school districts upstate get substantially more money per student than NYC? I thinks its like 1.5 to1. NYS is dependent on the existence of NYC, you got that one backwards. And where exactly did all that so called stimulus money for large public projects go? Most of it has never been allocated as jobs had to be shovel ready to be considered. What a crock of propaganda that bit was. The only symbiosis I see is they have great forests and lakes that aren't possible in highly populated cities like NYC and we go up there and spend our money on vacation. Can you say price gouging joel? Take care bud.