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— by Levi Levi
    Since I have been a member of 157 I have heard from the dais more than once that the presence of numerous security guards were stipulated in a contract between 157 and the school. Last night we found out that was not the case. According to VP pro tem Gerry Gausman ,E board member Paul Capurso lied to him about the entire affair and went so far as to say 157 had a verbal agreement with the principal who required 15 guards. Another lie. The school only requires 1 guard to prevent kids from entering our meeting.
      Why would the 157 e board deceive the membership in this manner? Gausman said that, according one e board member, it was done because the 608 people could become rowdy. Ye of little faith! One might wonder if money is at the heart of it.
   Why did Capurso miss the meeting? And Sontag ? Why did Trustee Hatcher walk out of the meeting without a word? Who else was absent? Very interesting.