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Hey Joel, great research. good links. I had not seen that. Did you notice that only $4mil will fix the issue? In that area its roughly16 houses. And who pays for any large public works projects? We all do. Should NYC not be here anymore, one of the most important cities in the world at this time in history? Well, even the romans knew that without clean water you're nothing and no population can exist for long withouit it. Who paid to get to the natural aquifer in Florida? We all did. Who maintains the everglade water content in partnership with the alliance? We all do(corps of engineers) so that argument doesn't hold water. NYC residents pay $10 billion more in NYS taxes than we receive in services, with a disproportionate amount of money going to upstate communities. We pay to keep the whole state solvent. The least that could be done for us would be to help insure NYC residents get first crack at jobs. Money that leaves NYC almost NEVER comes back just as  money  that leaves the US   rarely comes back. And since you live in FLA, who do you think paid to both dredge and increase in size the port complex? And I think as a nation we need to do more of these huge projects that can only be for the greater good. This isn't about me against you, this is about fair and equitable solutions for MY HOME, NYC. You really have no say in this.Living in Fla you're not even a part of the problem , let alone part of the solution. Thanks again for the links. Take Care.