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No Joel, not gtfo. There are many differing opinions on this but over time the change needs to be made. Humans hate fast change, and to change the rule at the drop of a hat would be irresponsible and negligent to the extreme. But at some point members should be told to join their locals. This cannot adversely affect a members vesting priveleges or pension or annuity money already earned as per ERISA. But this was the beginning of mobility, only DM wants to take it to the extreme and let just anyone raid our work and not use our members. I can't find it in me to be for NJ and others working here before NY'ers just as I can't find it in me to be for a guy from Iowa working here before a guy from Queens. There can't be a wink and a nod to some and stopping others. Either you're for full mobility or not. And again, this idea has to be hashed out and phased in over years. Immediacy would be counterproductive. We get to a point where potential members are told to join the council and local where they live. This whole idea of taking people into a local from anywhere was about greedy corrupt BA's signing anybody so their dues roll would increase. Plain and simple. And Joel, the wobblies were a failed concept as they buried themselves in getting people elected to public office (sound familiar) and trying to influence politics instead of securing work for their members. In fact at the end they were mostly about national politics and had pretty much left the worker to his own devices. Again! Is history repeating itself? The question is how do we leave the Union better than we found it? So endeth the lesson.