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The point I've been trying to make is that dividing workers, in one way or another, actually serves the interests of the bosses, and is an age old tactic of theirs'.

For instance; from an above post about French and British workers meeting in 1874:

"Here there was discussion of the need for an international organisation, which would, amongst other things, prevent the import of foreign workers to break strikes."

The question in this forum is similar, but differs as we discuss members of the same union living in a region of the same nation.

It follows that if we want to improve the conditions of the rank and file, organizing together is a more effective strategy than alone.

From the UBC Constitution:

"We recognize that the interests of labor are identical regardless of occupation, sex, nationality, or color, for a wrong done to one is a wrong done to all."

UBC Platform:

"1. Municipal service wholly divorced from partisan politics."

As NY Carpenters we need to connect and network with NJ, Upstate, and other rank and file Carpenters, and organize through our shared interests.