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— by John Musumeci John Musumeci
Frank 45: Let’s try and have an intelligent dialogue, I know I may be asking to much of you, but lets try.  First let me correct a few of your comments. “I do not blast people”, you do. I was not running all over the meeting room “su-king all the guys as-holes.” Your other comments are utterly ridiculous and do not warrant a response.

Wow, I am fascinated that you heard reports about me. It is true, I walk down the aisle and voted for Bill Walsh. I know Bill for over 15 years, Bill has been an elected officer and delegate in this union and has served the membership honorable. I really do not know Gerry, I only meet him last month and since than I served on the rally committee with Gerry and about 20 other members. I had to choose between the two, its a no-brainer, I choose Bill.

As for me making a speech, Gerry gave a report that I thought was intelligent, informative, and meaningful. I acknowledged the obvious effort he put into his report and publicly said so at the meeting.

Unlike you, I do not have a personal bias against anyone. How I see them is how I call them. You in my opinion have a real unjustified bias bordering on hatred against me and refuse to acknowledge the hard work maintaining this blog to keep you informed.

I have a challenge for you, Lets see if you can use your mind and energy for something constructive. I posted a contest where you can win a prize if you can correctly answer the questions. Give it a try and see if you can impress everyone with your intelligence.