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— by Frank 45   Frank 45
NO JOHN.. Read the post I said that I enjoy qualiy time with my family (not you). It's only ovvious you don't spend time with your. Remember this isn't the Times you don't have a hole staff helping you so you must do it all day at work and all night at home. You live and breath this blog and really GET OFF on blasting people because your a sick bastard. You want some real union talk. Well when I was home with my children last night I hurd you where running all over the meeting room sitting with this one and that one su-king all the guys as-holes. You walk down the lane for billy walsh and then when he losses you make a speech for gerry. Ya, that's real union news. Walsh is tired of your shit. So go get a real job and let me see you keep your blog up. Making union wage to bash the union member. That should be a crime. Oh you are Billy's brother in-law. How's that for union business for you.