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— by Joel Cook Joel Cook
So all of the houses that are being flooded by the failing pipe that runs to NYC... Those are owned by the city too???

How about the people that pay inflated prices to ride the Metro North, they are not subsidizing MTA?  Have you heard of the MTA payroll tax?  

Honestly BKLYN, I agree in principle with closing the local off to people outside the 5 Burroughs.  The problem is, how do you address the people who are currently working in the city who have become dependent on their city income?  Is it just a too bad so sad kind of thing?  

I also think that any attempt to further divide a clearly divided membership will have negative consequences.  Now is the time for everyone to fight this fight together.  

I guess I have mixed feelings on this, I grew up in The Bronx. Joined the Marine Corps, got out, went through my apprenticeship in FL.  Moved to upstate NY with every intention of moving to Brooklyn (which was prevented by the bottom falling out of the economy) now I am back in FL but again, I plan to come back to NYC when things pick up.

I just think there is a huge fight that needs to be had and if we are distracted with in fighting we are not keeping our eyes on the bigger problem.