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 mikey g: We need the good members that are out there to come forward and be seen and herd. the problem is they are the ones that work everyday and have family's and don't really have time. these men need to be found. We all know one and should encourage them to step forward.

reform=chloroform: if all we have is Mike, then he is responsible for everyone, and will have to move to the center on issues. we need an organized rank and file directly acting in its own interests. 17 Apr 11, 16:39 mikey g: all we have is mike bilello.. but he has to find the right people to help him. 1

 reform=chloroform: or: instead of everyone sitting spread out all across the auditorium, we all keep standing and gather at the front of the room in up close to the officers let them knowwe mean business.

 mikey g: to : reform=chloroform. unfortunately not.. the problem is we don't have any one that is capable of running this meeting..  

reform=chloroform: ya'll getting tripped up on the rules, brotherman. everything they do is to keep you in your place. i see a lot of livinroom commentary, but not much call to action. does anyone have a real plan, or you just perfer playin jr. lawyer, hindsight 20/20, post-game-show chatterbox? Is anyone going to actually stand up and do anything at this meeting.

 reform=chloroform: This is all the members of Local 157 have to say the day before the big meeting? Are you all ready? How much rank and file organizing concerning 157 has been done since the last meeting? Have any members scheduled non-partisan meetings to address and discuss the 157 situation, or will everyone arrive as a disorganized mass of individuals, ready to ultimately accept whatever the International decides with nothing more than a three hour cry from the crib? Another sad day for the history of Unions.

17 Apr 11, 15:15 Donny Arana: i like big dicks