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— by Really? Really?
Are those grounds for McCarron to expelled  John M?  good lord brother.  lots of guys can pack their bags.  stick to the real issues.  Do you have a problem with what John M. says about the union?  or are you really that concern with his wife?  

It's really not like jawin, cause no one was hiding behind their comments.  

What is the point to all this? You are questioning John M.'s criminal activities? You have Dennis Walsh's number?  If you are really that concern with John M.  you will do us more good by talking to someone that can investigate than coming to his blog.  

At what point do we move on? Same thing with scott danielson and ex-608 firth supporters.  At what point do we stop being wash women and do things to get McCarron off our ass?  I think if you are sitting on information of corruption, do something about it.  

Slandering people here gets you nothing.  If your intentions are good, do something.