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— by Pat Nee Pat Nee
At the Febuary meeting of local 157 I made a motion  to the effect that local 157 would hire legal council to petition the courts to have the NYCDCC  declared a “local” under the provisions of the LMRDA.
What this would mean for members is that indirect elections for would not be an option.  While we currently elect our EST, Vice-President and President,  many other officer positions are appointed under the  current system. There are guidelines for what is considered an officer which would open up more positions to direct member elections if the council were treated as a local under the LMRDA.
There is also the issue of dues and assessments which could not be raised without a vote by the membership if the council were considered a local.
There is a reason that Doug McCarron put all the power in councils which were set up as intermediate bodies which puts control of the union in the hands of the smallest number of people possible.
Through dissolutions and mergers he is able to further reduce this number.
If the councils were not considered “intermediate bodies” but  as “locals” then these mergers and dissolutions would not serve McCarrons purpose.  
Take the latest merger of Upstate New York and New Jersey, by eliminating a council McCarron was able to reduce by half the number of people he had to appease to remain in power and at the same time reward a loyal puppet by appointing him EST of this new council. It is far more like a monarchy where the King would give a loyal Duke more lands for his loyal service than a democracy.
I have been told that the Eboard took it upon themselves to vote on my motion. They apparently voted to not hire legal counsel to have the council classified as a local.  
Apparently the Eboard thinks that a motion approved by the members is more like a recommendation than a mandate.
I sincerely hope that my information is inaccurate and that the Eboard will be able to update the members on what progress has been made towards correcting the current situation, because if it is a fact that the Eboard of local 157 actively decided to thwart the will of the members of local 157  to maintain the status quo,  then those Eboard members must be held accountable.