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No, you're wrong brother. And Yes, I do have balls. It is not illegal for contracts to have resident caveats. If we build to stimulate the economy, wouldn't you think that means stimulating the economy of the LOCAL area? Not Kentucky or Arkansas or even LI but the LOCAL area. My question to you is why aren't you in the local where you live? Are you that ashamed of  your home? And if you're such a gung ho union member, why aren't you working to build the union where you live? The balls? Did you read the post about a friend paying only $100 more a month to get to work despite living 10 times further from the work> How about this...did you know the Verrazno bridge recently went to $13? Do you know where all monies taken in above operating expenses go to the LIRR and Metro North? Why the fuck am I subsidizing your ride to work when I travel inside my own city? Yeah I have balls, and dont forget it! GO HOME! You love where you live so much, work there. And again schmuck boy, I said it loads of residents get to the job first (you and I know it would be about half the job) then you others. Again, if you have nothing netter to say than abuse GO HOME and build up the union where you are from. You are the ultimate form of mobility and that sucks brother. Maybe its time to talk to judge Berman.