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No, this is something that has to happen at some point. The current system corrupts all that labor is, which is getting fair work close to home. Thats part of the original point was to not force people to work far away from home for a fair living wage. But I don't know how to move ahead with the accounting that would have to happen to make it so.  I listen brother to reasonable dissent and still hold my opinion. Thats what reasonable people do, and isn't that just what we're asking of the UBC, to be reasonable? Has to start with us. We can disagree and push for the things we want. I continue, like I've said umpteen times, to call for NYC dwelling members to get put to work first, then fill the job with others. Bloomie, are you listening? How much more city income tax would that be? And yes, I know when you come to work you eat and drink here, but when you come for pleasure its only because your towns don't have what we have and that has nothing to do with work. When I use yor beaches and woods I also spend money.And thats not a knock at where you live, just a fact. Trust me brother, the taxes we pay , the money we spend here in our city, far exceed anything anyone brings in. If we put more NYC member residents to work NYC will see a rise in revenue. In fact tomorrow I'm writing a letter to the Mayor asking him to consider it being put into all city work contracts. All the money should not be leaving the city to support other places. Understand, I said PLACES not people. Just like money leaving the US, its not good for the municipality.