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When there is more to post than the rhetoric I will. It should be an interesting day, but I think they say rain? And overnight I came to the conclusion that we at the NYDCC are in an inextricable situation as we need the bennie hours that come in from that work on LI and up north and the dockie work in Jersey to keep making our pesion payments. This began long ago but there has to be an equitable solution. And agian to you others, I did not advocate you not working here just NYC residents getting first crack. Every PLA has caveats like this why not our CBA's? Again, how can you be for people who don't live here having NYC cards but not for people who live further away having NYC cards? Say ohio, Kentucky, Arizona...either you're for mobility or against it and the proof is how you/we react when it is about our/your mobility. So its OK for Jersey to be mobile here but not other states? Because you can't be for some form of mobility and against other forms. Where are our self annointed leaders, Arana, Moose, both Billies (be heard Bay Ridge) Gene...politicians all as they won't touch this discussion with a ten foot pole. Take care Levi, I'll come say Hi wed.