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No Levi, didn't mean you. I don't think you're selfish as I've read a lot of the good that comes out of your mouth. But I also suggested that the NYDCC give up floorcovering, and dockie work on the Island to the Empire (levi, I am your father) and whatever we erroneously claim to belong to us. The members of my local benefit sometimes from having LI as our jurisdiction,( 7 cuts our throat sometimes) but Unionism isn't about just me, but whats right for all workers. I would love to see LI and above Westchester given to the Empire. I just feel as if it would be the fair and equitable way of living, instead of folks benefitting from the city but putting virtually nothing into it. You know, a year or two ago a friend complained about his LIRR fair which monthly had gone to like $300. I asked how many miles he lived from Penn and he told me 70 or so. I then informed him, as my friend , that he was a fucking crybaby as my commute by bus cost $200 monthly. I live 8 miles from Penn. Wheres the fairness in that? I know you're focused on commuter tax but the "wheres your jurisdiction, really " issue has some merit. More please, lets hearmore intelligent thought provoking comments. Very cool to get things out there, isn;t it? And Pete, sorry my idea disrupted the original convo and thanks to, I think Ted, for the answer.