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Actually aren't they the cordwainers? I did love the bladder comment though. On the other hand have you hit the age yet where mens bodies change and some of them need to use the rest room for real? Did you ever go to work not feeling well and get abused for it? Were you abused for needing to use the rest room multiple times after eating break from the roach coach? If so, it was and is wrong. You seem brother to have fed into the companies line of one way to do things, which you obviously dont know, was fought in the teens and twenties. We have to stay longer now and with that come the illnesses and pain that come with age. We as BROTHERS have to stand up for a mans right to age and slow down, don't we? Please sir may I have another is not what UNION is about. I am still asking sir, why didn't you join 7 when you moved out there? I just think we should all join and work where we live.   It would not have affected your pension or annuity earned previously in the city.