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This decision & order is contrary to the Act and amounts to the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) & the UBC International & its subordinate Intermediary Council NERCC "legislating from the bench" to NEGATE or REMOVE said rights of Union Members to protect their "PROPERTY RIGHT" which run from the execution of one Contract (CBA) to another, and through subsequent extensions of the contract, during & through contract negotiations.

Neither the UBC or the DOL's ALJ or the NLRB Board in Washington DC can legislate these property rights away. Congress has not as of this date, amended the NLRA  to allow this to occur. Moreover, they are the only ones who can do this.

-------Once again Ted zones in on the applicable property points ( If they only knew it was like owning a car or a house protected by Labor Law ). Its yours fellas. Therefore the mehtodocal extorion of them in the name of Global Market conditions, supervision failed pro tem, Regional Council appointed eboard minions., A union mans jurisdictiional area protection swallowed up by the UBC with reduced rates and Trade Raiding. Spencer has made an ass out of the UBC with his dismall record.

And they blame it on you.