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— by Rev. Al Rev. Al
This issue has the full cooperation & understanding of our mayor. Look for congestion tax below 96th st & many other ways of bringing in $$ to close the gap created by loss of commuter tax. One way or another you will pay & when you do the penalty will be expensive. Should I be able to work in Florida ahead of a member with a Florida book ? Whats to stop every member from getting a nyc book ? Members need to understand that the floodgates will open on nyc books if this residency issue isn't challenged in court. Do you want all out of state residents to hold nyc books ? Are you for FULL MOBILITY. Please dont tell nyc residents how to run our city & we wont tell you how to run yours. Remember, our mayor will do whatever it takes to protect it's tax base & solvency. It's going to get interesting in nyc & ubc. Out of towners are soon to have $$$$ problems !