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— by chris chris
Because the last time i checked i was a nycdcc member. Did my apprenticeship and paid my dues to my union,local and company and if i want to work in the city of new york where i paid taxes for many years then im entitled to do so. Just because i opted to by a house outside nyc to benefit my family doesnt give you or any member the right to tell me where i can work. What does a company man or shop steward talk have anything to do with this conversation is beyond me but ive worked with many very talented shop stewards and ive worked with shop stewards who had worse blatters then my four yr old son and no thats not a compliment. Like i said before its time we trim the fat and get rid  of the dead weight so that the true "carpenters and tradesmen" have work all year around instead of taking members money who shouldnt be in this union in the first place(maybe you fall in that category).I heard the shoe makers union is hiring!