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Sorry Levi, but all union issues are political issues whether you like it or not. And AGAIN, I suggested NYC residents get first crack. To the brother who moved to LI, why not join the local (7 I think) where you live? That brother is a question, not a putdown. You wouldn't lose any of your pension, annuity  money, so whats the problem?  And you work year in, yera out? Obvious company man hate shop stewards who stand up for the CBA too, don't you? Thats not Union nor does it satisfy the definition of the word LOCAL. Now, more polite discourse or nonsense? Our mayor and elected officail are too pussified to even bring up a commuter tax again because all the electeds from out of the city ( more electeds than here) are against it. Why should anyone but the city govt have a say in this? Doesn't make sense to me. And agin, I said NYC residents get first crack. How can that be bad? Oh right, you're only thinking of you...AGAIN!