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— by Ted Ted
Ok so, 86-90 he was an Apprentice....91-98 he was a Journeyman Carpenter, so at what point in this 8-year timespan as a Journeyman did he suddenly arise to become a Superintendent? What is his License No.?

Name the Projects, he allegedly ran during this timeframe and their dollar value. Was he doing TI work in a strip mall. Exactly what did he build as a Superintendent? What licenses & degrees does he hold? What werethe Insurance mod's for his jobs? Were they on time, on budget? How did he treat them men?

Named/Appointed BA....vs. being Elected, there's a red flag right there. The fact is, with 8-years experience, no one would have voted this guy in as he was simply still too green & inexperienced top warrant consideration for the job.

Name the Dollar Value of the Projects he allegedly created for the men as an "Appointed BA". The UBC clearly avoids this at all costs because they cannot back none of it up with any meaningful data.

Here is another question - do owners & developers hire a guy with 8-year experience as a Carpenter to build multi-build dollar high rises? Answer - no way in hell, he wouldn't get an interview. In the Private Sector, one has to have a demonstrable and proven track record of success in a series of projects over many years. The vetting process is tough.

When you have no real track record, the proportion of the fluff & resume padding is increased proportionally as the UBC's fluff piece of this stellar career amply depicts.