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— by Richard Dorrough Richard Dorrough
Nice UBC propaganda fluff piece. it seems his positions on the LM2s dont match the nice little story. It leaves out he was Spencers bitch. It leave out his role in the trusteeship and destruction  of Local 229.It leaves out the bank of rooms at the Hilton in Saratoga Springs during track season as they destroyed Local 229. By the By. It leaves his role in the 157 scam

On March 4th questions posted by members were emailed to Spencer. I spoke with Spencer several times and with his assistant Mike Capelli. On April 11, Mr. Capelli told me "UBC lawyer Brian Quinn, is drafting an answer to the questions and I should have them in a few days." To date Spencer, Capelli and Quinn have refused to answer member’s questions regarding the trusteeship over local 157.

How about this picture with Capelli knee deep in rats ass. Spencer,Forde,Thom, and the rest

Who appointed him to est of the Jersey Council. If Walsh asked him and his Jersey crew to sign the declaration would they