Reply – Fighting against ubc and non-union wasn't enough,look whats on the table!!
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Fighting against ubc and non-union wasn't enough,look whats on the table!!
— by Donny Arana Donny Arana
Sent: 4/6/2011 11:01:01 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: New York Carpenters Value Your Input

On behalf of several groups representing carpenters in the New York City area we urge you to take our survey so that we can better represent your interests and better fight for you. Our survey is free and will only take a few minutes of your time.

Our survey is hosted on Google and has no pop-ups or other gimmicks. We genuinely want to know where you and your people stand on the recent issues between the Carpenters and the AFL-CIO.

Please note that you can take the survey anonymously and only fill out those parts which you want to.

Take our Survey Here:

Thanks for your time,

NY Carpenters

This email was sent by: New York Carpenters
PO Box 4668 New York, NY, 10163-4668,

New York Carpenters  (This is a survey that a friend of mine just recieved-that is a union contractor)

Given the recent problems that have arisen with the New York City District Council of  Carpenters (“Carpenters”), we are conducting a survey of signatory contractors to help us  gauge whether or not there is a need to explore and/or evaluate potential options that may be available.  

All responses will be kept confidential. Please check one box for each question.


* Required

What is your name? *

What is the name of the company you represent?

Are you satisfied with the Carpenters not being part of the Building Trades?

Are you finding it difficult to compete in the Carpentry market with the present wage and benefit package?

Are you concerned about unfunded liability and what your Company or you would be personally responsible for If the pension falls into the red zone?

Would you be interested in an AFL-CIO/Building Trades Affiliated Carpenters Union that would allow you to be competitive?

Do you think your Company men would be interested in this new entity under your ownership?

How much of the market do you think the present carpenter union covers under your signatory agreement?
% Union

In the last ten (10) years, how much market share has your Company lost do to your inability to compete?
% Market Share Lost

Would you be interested in joining a new AFL-CIO sponsored union which would not have a pension fund liability and be replaced with a 401K or an annuity fund?

Would you be interested in a union which gives you a range for labor costs based on performance?

Are you aware of the website which was published by the Building Trades Department of Washington D.C.?

Are your aware that the AFL-CIO passed resolution 70, which authorized the Building Trades Department the right to form a new independent Carpenter’s Union as a result of Douglas McCarren’s continuing violation of AFL-CIO rules and bylaws?

We also welcome any questions, comments or feedback regarding this survey:

Thanks for your feedback
In closing, please keep in mind that before you renew your collective bargaining agreement,
carefully review your options before going forward.  

Please email your response to: or fax to (347) 282-2333 .

Thank you for your time.  

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