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— by Accountability Accountability
Loved your first paragraph, Levi.
  I am retired now, and have seen first hand the quarreling between hall men and shop men for the 30 yrs. I put in.
  If we accept the basic fundamentals of a union, such as workers rights and protections, I believe we have unity. When we allow our brothers to show up on a job-site under the influence, or unproductive in their performance, this is wrong and hurts everyone.
   No legitimate business carries unproductive employees and survives. We were sending out men who were sub-par over and over again, then companies had difficulty getting these men off their job-site.
   So now we have a certification required for all men, but when I was tested and found out that at least half the men tested should have failed, the instructor said "We were told we are failing too many men, when they re-test, just pass them!"  
   We should have accountability for all our members. From the top down.
   We should all earn our money, union doesn't stand for free ride!