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hall vs company
— by Levi Levi
   What's the difference between a company man and a man from the hall? Not as much as some people think. Prejudicial statements say more about the person saying them than the people they are putting down. And the truth is all prejudice is rooted in ignorance and fear.
   I bring this up now because we're in a crisis which affects both sides. During a time when we are under supervision by the UBC, our supervisors are using their power to impose their will in some areas where they don't belong. For instance, UBC supervisors are busy right now negotiating contracts for us. I believe, as many others do, they are doing this contrary to the best interests of the members of the NYCDCC. Also there has been talk by the UBC of moving our school and selling our real estate. This is the business of the NYCDCC and these decisions should be made by us. There was talk of starting a new local called Interior Systems Local which would cause an even greater rift between us. Let's not forget the aggressive dissolution of local 608 and the fact that McCarron has placed himself on the board of trustees of our pension fund. Together we must fight UBC supervision and take control of our district council.
    I've met many good people on both sides of the fence and there's a place for everyone. People who work steady for a company serve an important role in this union just as the people from the hall do. Put your differences aside and come from your jobsites together as brothers and sisters at  the rally at 395 Hudson 3:00 pm Wednesday, April 13.
    "A house divided against itself cannot stand" Abraham Lincoln