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Levi, I have only twice taken work outside of the 5 boroughs and only twice worked in the bronx and twice in queens in 14 years. You see thats my locals jurisdiction, all 5 boros, up north, (shouldn't be) LI (shouldn't be). Our jurisdiction spreads way too far and was only put together to appease criminals years ago, and to bring the dues money under the control of the crooks. If you live in Jersey, a whole other fucking state by the way, you should be in a Jersey local, upstate and LI the same. NYC is my home ,UNDERSTAND? NYC    we don't have meaningless little towns and their attendant scumbag power grabbers, we in NYC are ONE. You people kept all your little divided towns, that not my business. Thats why taxes are so high out there, because you all have your own little school systems and mayors and what not when you would be better served by consolidating these services and make yourselves one just like Rye and Ryebrook are considering as we speak. LI is a whole other jurisdiction as is upstate NY. If you live there work there. We need the UBC to start floorcoverer, timbermen, and dockie locals in those places or at least a separate entity in jersey attached to the jersey DC. But they favor consolidation of jursidictions. Levi, are you saying you're for mobility, because thats just what people not working where they live is. Or they should make LI part of the NYDCC and tell all those scumbags out there who scream and threaten if we come out there to work to shut the fuck up. Ever try to get work on LI Levi with a NYC card? Or Jersey? I ask again, why would you not want to better the working conditions where you live? If you're so gung ho union then go back to your home and be proud of it.