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"why did u sign something you didnt read " I think the real, question is why you presented something as a petition and used it as an application so you and Cary Kane could declare you represent  350-500 members when you certainly do not. Why have you refused to post the names, such as Franco,McGonagle,Walsh,Davenport,Daly and etc, who have designated themselves leaders of the phantom 500 while you claim you are all equal. Why have you made a single move without consulting the 500 members whose names you are throwing around to give you credibility first. A lawyer who gets paid for everything they do is giving all this free legal consultation time,free court appearances and building and maintaining you a free web site. Come now either you naive or you want us to be. Judging by the web site their office is you campaign headquarters??Judging by the web site they have started already with plenty of free advertising.Its funny your telling people they can attend meetings now after the fact. But only certain member.Its funny you are claiming to be working for the members when others have revealed that you have already declared candidates and they walked away in disgust.Your little speech sounds more like a campaign platform than one who cares about the membership
     You may have good intentions or you may be just another group using the members to get your self elected to office. You lied about the petition. You have called no one to meetings except yourselves. You have made major moves without EVER consulting the 500 you do NOT represent. You have refused to reveal who hired Kane. You have refused to reveal and STILL HAVE NOT Who has presented themselves as leaders. Nothing. You gave members personnel information to a third party without their consent. Here you are right back to the old BS . This has been a scam since the start.