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— by Pat Nee Pat Nee
I agree with you, I agree with everything you wrote. What I am comparing Ballantyne to is Spencer.
The UBC is conducting a guerrilla style campaign which leaves members reeling, not knowing what is going to be attacked next.
Spencer has for the duration of this Trusteeship lied to any member who met with him in person and made it a policy to never put anything in writing.
Anyone who tried to work with Spencer knows that he is not there for NYC members. He will not address your concerns or give more than lip service to your ideas.
So, in my opinion, Ballantyne is better, the bar is set so low by Spencer that a one legged rabbit with arthritis would easily clear it, but nonetheless, at least it is an improvement.
I realize that Ballantyne waited until I left the room during the first forum before trying to make a case for the UBC position.
I realize that any concessions to accepting that the UBC has done poorly by NYC members is a day late and a dollar short, I am simply saying that Ballantyne is the equal of any one legged rabbit with arthritis when compared to Spencer.
I think that Spencer is a lying, thieving scumbag   who wilts at the first sign of opposition.
Do I think that Ballantyne would not be there if not for Walsh? Yes.
Do I think that Spencer is throwing Ballantyne under the bus? Yes.
Remember that the wilting violet Spencer has ran away and left everything in Ballantynes lap, that he has been unavailable since the last forum when members showed him that it is easy to make the case that Spencer is an asshole.
I long ago reached the point where I formed the opinion that the most important thing in this trusteeship is to limit the damage from the UBC to us.
I know that Ballantyne is the first UBC officer I have ever heard admitting that locals have been reduced to dues collection agencies.