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— by Levi Levi
Balls or not, I'm not a fan of the double talking John Ballantyne. He toes the line for the UBC and cares nothing about the NYC carpenter. He says he is for whatever puts carpenters to work, but there are many things that could put us to work that we, as a union, can never live with. For example, a drastic pay cut or giving the Building Trades Employers Association every single thing on their wish list would put us to work. But we are a trade union so we cannot give away things our predecessors fought for. Also try to look past the bullshit to the notion that the UBC doesn't care who does this work as long as he/she is a UBC member.But as members of the NYCDCC we need to make sure that the work in our geographic jurisdictions is performed by us. We owe that to ourselves and the people who come after us.
   Another thing I dislike is Ballantyne's cavalier way of talking about things like full mobility, removing the consent decree, moving our school or dissolving an iconic local as if they were ok. They're not ok.
  Let's not forget that on March 30 he agreed with Brother Greg Kelty that the UBC stood by while Forde was destroying the NYCDCC and he had the balls to say we were all there too, as if it was our fault. He needs to be reminded that we were busy working while they were supposed to be supervising.They  gave him credibility. But shame on us for trusting them.
    The UBC conducts business with no conscience, and at least for now John Ballantyne is their guy. Not our guy. The sooner we can scrape him off our shoes, the better.