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— by Pat Nee Pat Nee
Things which came up at the forum.
1. Contracts to be looked at supposedly to look at the practicality of  council employees who are found guilty of corruption forfeiting their pensions in the future.
2. Apparently there are some in local 157 who want the UBC involved in the inner workings of local 157. According to Ballantyne, some members asked him to step in and make sure that all past motions are addressed.
Ballantyne stated he would not act unless contacted by the Recording Secretary.
3. Locals are powerless entities whose only function is to collect dues.
4. Ballantyne has balls. I have to give this man credit, as much as I loathe the UBC, Ballantyne earned my respect for standing up there and not backing down.
5. New Jersey locals are now to accept NY members on their OWL with the same rights as NJ members.  
Too little too late on this in my opinion.
6. Apparently neither Ballantyne nor Walsh can explain what exactly full mobility means. It apparently means different things in different situations, much like our constitution.