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Why aren't members who actually live in the jurisdiction sent to work first? If contracts for jobs can be written with language stating a certain percentage of workers must be from a geographic area, why can't our CBA's be written the same way? All you out of towners would and should have to work in your own areas before being allowed to be a mamber of a local where you don't live. Doesn't anyone have a dictionary anymore? Please look up the word LOCAL and then get these damned out of towners back where they belong. This is the problem with our so called leadership for many years, that they have no interest in what happens here in NYC only in their asswipe towns in Jersey and Upstate and on LI. So many here talk of mobility, bot don't you see, Mac attack already gave this to us years ago when he allowed members of the jersey locals to work here with impunity. GO WORK WHERE YOU LIVE! GET OUT OF MY CITY all you who have no interest here. How can a guy be 157 when he lives in toms river or sullivan county? Aren't there locals in those places? JOBS FOR NY'ers FIRST, then the rest of you. Isn't that how it works in Jersey? Try getting work there, you'll be told OK, after all our guys are working. But they're working in NY. GET OUT!!!!! Go back where you came from and let NY'ers eat and pay their mortgages, which are much bigger than your puny jersey and upstate concerns.