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— by Ted Ted
What is the "quid pro quo"...(something for something arrangement) with Carey/Kane & the UBC? The guys running this crew may have good intentions - however their naive in thinking this firm is doing anything "pro-bono"....that's a crock, the UBC is funding them, and using them as a means/vehicle to feign compliance & demonstrate to the Court that Union members are slowly warming up to the new UBC International platform.

Said Platform consists of reduced Wages & Benefits, Raiding Trades, Full Mobility & continued Consolidation, Reclassification of work categories, 4-10's at straight time, Elimination of OT on Saturday, Elimination of all Double Time, declaration of Helper Categories such as "Senior Drywall Utility Worker" for 60% of the Journeman package & Company Housing with $3.00 per day reimbursement from your employer, Ferry & Toll fees paid for return trips home (once a month) as is being done in the Pacific North West Council...all of which shall be capped off by No Vote, via Chao.

Given the obvious agenda of the UBC International, one has to question the ability of the group to Lead Anyone, when they cannot see the Forest for the Trees or the Company Store from the Company Shack you live in......

The UBC is turning the Clocks back 100-Years & you're blindly embracing it & you want to Lead WHO EXACTLY?

Is this group fighting any of this? Nope - they're apparently on board, lending credence to the idea of what is in it for them on the other end? What sweetheart deals are they cutting for themselves?

Time for an answer boys - otherwise it's UNITY TEAM II GO AWAY!

Anyone run a background check on this Law Firm? Anyone do research of their Precedent Caselaw, issues they have won and lost; and, we are not talking backpay awards either? Anyone run financials on them...find out who pays them? Any one of you Guys on the so called steering committee ever stop to consider that the UBC International may be financing them behind the scenes (with your money) and that they are steering you down a path of false hope?

Seems all are singing we are the world & kumbaya & you do not know who or what you are dealing with..........No hate Mail either, just answer the Questions!!!!