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This is why I thanked Mike B. (Don't you think he deserves one?)
— by Donny Arana Donny Arana
1 elected to that office understand the landscape.
2 So it seems to me I only argued that this be done
3 expeditiously so that the purpose of the consent decree, dare I
4 say it, was entered in 1994, can finally come to an end and
5 return this union to its membership. Thank you.
6 THE COURT: Okay. So does it make sense to schedule a
7 conference in early April to see where things stand?
8 MR. WALSH: Yes.
9 MR. CONBOY: Yes, your Honor. I think that's
10 advisable.
11 THE COURT: Could it be any sooner than that? Doesn't
12 sound like it, but it's up to you all.
13 MR. TORRANCE: The government, of course, will be
14 available whenever the Court.
15 THE COURT: The question is, as a practical matter,
16 when will there be something really meaningful to report on?
17 MR. TORRANCE: I might suggest that perhaps there be
18 at least a confirmation from the UBC within 30 days that they
19 have in fact submitted the bylaws and that process is moving
20 forward. And then if the Court wants an in-person conference,
21 that be later April.
22 MR. WEISS: Your Honor, if I may, I apologize. With
23 the Court's indulgence, Mr. Bilello wanted to make a statement.
24 THE COURT: Sure.
25 MR. BILELLO: Your Honor, I just wanted to speak about
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128LUSAC Conference
1 a couple things, especially regarding the delegate vote.
2 Prior to 1995, we had a delegate vote at the district
3 council and those elections brought us Fred Devine's first
4 term, Paschal McGuinness's term -- he was barred from holding
5 office in New York -- and Teddy Maritas before that, who
6 disappeared under the Throgs Neck Bridge or who knows while he
7 was on trial.
8 So the delegate vote back then, there were less
9 delegates, but we still had a delegate vote. And then the
10 consent decree ordered the rank and file elections which took
11 place in 1995. The problem with the delegate body now as it
12 was restructured in 1998 is that 80 percent or so of the
13 delegates held district council positions, paid positions, and
14 they were beholden to the administrations and it wasn't a lot
15 different than the previous delegate, you know, body that we
16 had then when there was one delegate from each.
17 So, the rank and file vote is still an important
18 thing. And I think now with the review officer in place, it
19 has a much better chance of succeeding. The delegate body now
20 has really become a rubber stamp and the way to eliminate that
21 is by allowing regular rank and file people to hold those
22 positions as opposed to paid organizers, business agents, what
23 have you. Those delegates had somewhat training, but I think
24 that to stay focused on the rank and file election would be
25 very important for the membership at this point.
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