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— by owl owl
local 7 and long island in general and new jersey are predjudice against city people. they frown on hiring us city guys. bad enough us owl guys have no connection and arent company men now we have to also be put second to jersey and long island. i was even told by  donaldson guy that donaldson doesnt like to even hire anybody from the city. i live in the city pay the taxes in the city i should come first since i put up with the crap in the city and i spend my money in the city. alot of these jew jersey guys and long island guys have never even lived in the city how did they become part of a city local.locals in l.i and n.j wouldnt give city guys union did these guys get city union cards. didnt jersey once try to poach jobs from the city not to long ago. ??

we need affirmitive action for us city guys. we come first