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— by what do you expect? what do you expect?
Billello thinks he will be king for life. Ask him how he feels about former 2287 BM Mike Zemski. As recently as the RO forum he was still saying Mike is a great guy and a genius. This was AFTER he was told how 2287 has been driven to near bankruptcy by the actions and inactions of the former BM in question and his buddy pissante. If this is one of the people billello thinks is good for the Union, how can he be trusted to make the tough decisions? I warn you folks...ask billello the tough questions (like who he supports) before standing behind him. He may have many good qualities but if he thinks incompetence ,poor work performance and showing up to work at 9 and leaving at 2 are good things then  hes not the guy to get behind. Ask him how he feels about various peoples work ethic and results. This will tell you if he is really on the ball or full of crap.