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— by Pat Nee Pat Nee
I made a motion in the February meeting  for local 157 to hire legal counsel to petition the court to have the Council classified as a local as defined by the LMRDA.
Unfortunately most could only hear what I  was saying.  
What Capurso told me was that nothing had been done on this issue due to Derricos problems.
So what you heard was me telling Capurso that I thought that was unacceptable. That if Lawrence was unable to take care of the locals affairs that he should step down.
Capurso told me that he would bring it up with Lawrence when he was available.
I asked what happens if Lawrence does not become available.
Capurso told me that there was nothing he could do if Lawrence was unavailable, that Lawrence was the President and if he was unavailable then nothing would happen.
Biello was upset that I did not address the chair.
To put this as mildly as I can, I was trying to get a serious flaw which eats at this union addressed and if me addressing the people who should have been able to answer my questions rather than asking the Pro Tem President to ask Capurso for me, was upsetting to Mike Biello, I think that could only indicate a very poor sense of what the real issues are.  
The real question that arises out of this, is of what value are all these motions members are making, I mean, what happens afterwards, is it a case where you get a good feeling because you think you started the wheels in motion to correct something, but in fact all that occurred was nothing?
That you might as well have made that motion in your own living-room for all that will be done on the issue?
I was talking to a couple of lads today and apparently if you make a motion at a local level, it gets read at the Delegates meeting, and what then we asked him? I don't  know was all he could give us.
I mean if you look at the half assed supposed explanation of dues and the supplementery pension on the NYCDCC website and consider that that is the half assed response to Dan Francos request for information. Or read Spencers supposed letter of condemnation of Mike Forde. There is such a disconnect between our so called leaders that I can only call it appalling.
I have stated before that I think locals are useless, but are they in reality  much worse, are they a place where members   blow off steam and think they have done something, but have in reality just been duped?
Is there anyting achieved in a local meeting? Ever?