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— by Ted Ted
Good points.....certain provisions after 129 years of UBC operation, you would think would be 'boilerplated' language.

Past that, it is amazing to me to see so many differences between Locals & Regional Councils CBA's (contracts) as to the operation. There is a reason for standards & we could save a buttload of dough, say on health plans as a for instance, simply combining assets & merging seperate plans. That would equate to purchasing power & lower rates, as a plan with 500k-600k members can certainly buy more than a plan with 15k-20k participants.

Pension & Annuity Funds are very regionalized and members would probably fare better over the long haul of a career by maintaining local control & oversight of the funds. Having them online in a single location (you'd think the Internationals IT Director would have this done by now) would allow the review of other area contracts & bring forth better negotiations by having educated members negotiating contracts (what works, what does not, what do we lack in our CBA that others have etc.)